Whether you have a decaying tree, invasive root system or damaged limbs posing a threat to your property, tree maintenance is an important part of keeping your family and property safe. However, one of the most difficult aspects of maintaining your tree health and assessing potential hazards is nailing down a reasonable cost for those services.

If you’ve reached this article, you’re probably doing your research and getting a wide range of prices that may leave you with more questions than answers. While there are some obvious factors to determining the cost of a tree service, such as the size of your tree, there are many other factors a tree trimming and removal service needs to consider when providing you an appropriate estimate.



Size Matters

Smaller trees typically cap out at around 30 feet and tend to have narrower trunks. These trees will come at a lower cost due to lower labor needs. However, shorter trees with thick trunks may cost an additional charge due to the extra labor these involve in a trim or take-down job.

Larger trees, such as oaks and maples, can be large and laborious to take down. Trees more than 60 feet tall may reach into the 1 to 5 thousand dollar range to remove because of the intensive hours this size requires.

man climbing tree, cutting the tree with a chainsaw

Location Considerations

In terms of additional costs a tree job can incur from the tree’s location, two major factors to consider are power lines and property. Trees near power lines can pose a major threat and need to be handled with the proper equipment. Preventative measures to maintain safety around power lines typically involve a lift and other advanced equipment.

A tree’s location in relation to your or your neighbors’ properties is another critical consideration. Not only does a professional tree service need to take into account potential property damage, but first and foremost need to be mindful of keeping everyone in the surrounding area safe from falling debris. Due to these safety standards, depending on the tree’s location to nearby property, specialty equipment may be needed.

Pest Hazards

If your tree is home to pests such as ants or emerald ash borers, this indicates a diseased tree that is likely infested and hollowed from the inside. A tree trimming and removal professional is at serious risk climbing a tree that is infested, as the branches may snap while climbing. This will likely cause your costs to rise, due to the need for specialty equipment.

Stump Grinding and Removal

If you’re in need of a stump ground or removed, this may incur an additional cost. As the stump is typically part of a large, intricate root system, it takes a specialized contractor or company to take care of this service and may not be included in the original costs of your tree removal.




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